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Top 5 Most Effective Pet Toys in 2021

Top 5 Most Effective Pet Toys in 2021

Back in the days, the pet toys industry wasn't this big of a deal. At most, you bought a stick, a rope, and a bone, and that was it! But that's not the case anymore. Nowadays, we have loads of effective pet toys at our disposal that teach pets a vast bunch of activities. Whether it's agility, obedience, or any other training you want to impart on your pet, you need to find a suitable toy for it. 

Dog toys make a significant share of the current pet toys industry, a multi-billion dollar industry today. That's why we have five primary segments of dog toys based on their purposes. 

1. Training Toys:

Depending on the goal of training, there are many types of pet training toys. 

Chew toys make your pets stay calm and busy. So, if you don't want your dog to be chewing your boots, you better buy your bongo a chew toy.

Although similar to chew toys, dental toys serve the purpose of cleaning your pets' teeth and gums. Besides that, dental toys also help in improving your pet's blood flow.

2. Treat-dispenser toys:

Automatic treat dispenser toys are high-tech pet toys used to dispense treats to your pets. For dogs, these are entertaining and thrilling. A remote dog treat dispenser can alleviate your dog's boredom and aggressive behavior. They provide your dog with something to chew on and enjoy. To get their treat, your dog will have to put in some effort. 

A treat-dispenser toy not only encourages physical activity in your dog but also stimulates them mentally. When you're not at home, an automatic dog treat dispenser or pet feeder will help alleviate separation anxiety, keep your dog occupied, and provide them with something to do when the weather is terrible.

3. Interactive toys

Interactive toys are pet toys used by owners to interact with their pets. If you want to play a tug-and-fetch game, you'll need to buy an interactive dog toy to do so. Such toys include ropes, tennis balls, etc. You can use interactive toys to train your pets multitude of great new activities.  

4. Self-amusement toys:

You must be aware of the separation anxiety that most dogs go through when their owners leave them at home for prolonged periods. To prevent a pet from going through separation anxiety, it's a great idea to buy your pet many self-amusement toys. These are extra-durable, interactive toys that your pet can play with while you're away from home.

We recommend you always familiarize your pet with new self-amusement toys before letting them play independently. 

5. Comfort toys:

Finally, the plush toys! Artificial animals and character toys housing a squeaker are very dear to pets, especially dogs. Some of the most common comfort toys are the rubber ducky, a bath sponge, a combination lock, etc. 

How to Choose the Right Dog Toys?  

A pet parent must evaluate what types of dog toys would best suit their pet. It would help if you chose the right dog toys for your pet based on the outcome you want to derive. Other than that, many other factors come into play when selecting suitable pet toys. 


It would help if you considered your dog's age, even though he doesn't grow as quickly as you do. Your puppy will be teething between the ages of three and nine months, so avoid hard rubber and load up! He'll chew on everything that he can get his hands on, so a decent selection of chew toys will keep him away from your beloved loafers.

Toy Size and Material

Too soft a toy may split into pieces and be choked on or swallowed, resulting in gastrointestinal blockages. It's usually best to repair a toy if it starts to show signs of damage, such as a broken squeaker or breaks or tears in the fabric or stuffing. Anything small enough to fit behind your dog's back molars is a choking hazard. So, size is critical when choosing a suitable toy. 

Type of Toy

Different dog breeds have different needs, and the same holds for their owners. The owners looking forward to having a fruitful interaction with their pets should go for interactive toys. Likewise, some pet owners want to buy toys for their dogs to avoid boredom and mischievous nature when the owners are at work. 

Choosing the right dog toys will ensure you have a healthy and enjoyable time playing with your dog. Toys, including treats, can be used to train your dog. If your dog seems to like a particular toy, throw it to your dog as a reward when your bongo obeys a command you've given, such as "sit." Training him to identify which toys belong to him is also important. At the end of the day, it's your dog and you'll get to determine the type of relationship you want to establish with him.