Petsafe Outdoor Bark Control

The Petsafe Outdoor Bark Control is the perfect solution for pet owners who are tired of their dog's excessive barking. This innovative device uses ultrasonic sound to deter dogs from barking, without causing any harm to the animal. With its weatherproof design, it can be used outdoors, making it ideal for those who have dogs that bark at passersby or other animals.

One of the main features of the Petsafe Outdoor Bark Control is its ability to detect barking up to 50 feet away. This means that it can effectively deter dogs from barking even if they are not right next to the device. The ultrasonic sound emitted by the device is inaudible to humans, so it won't disturb you or your neighbors.

The Petsafe Outdoor Bark Control is easy to set up and use. Simply hang it on a tree, fence, or any other outdoor structure, and it will start working immediately. The device is powered by a 9-volt battery, which is included in the package. The battery life is long-lasting, so you won't have to worry about constantly replacing it.

This bark control device has three levels of sensitivity, allowing you to customize the settings according to your dog's barking behavior. If your dog is a heavy barker, you can set it to a higher sensitivity level, while for dogs that only bark occasionally, a lower sensitivity level will suffice. The device also has a test mode, which allows you to check if it is working properly.

The Petsafe Outdoor Bark Control is not only effective in deterring dogs from barking, but it is also safe for the animals. The ultrasonic sound is harmless and will not cause any discomfort to your dog. It is a humane way to train your dog to stop barking excessively. However, it is important to note that this device may not be effective for all dogs. Some dogs may become desensitized to the ultrasonic sound over time.

In addition to its effectiveness and safety, the Petsafe Outdoor Bark Control is also designed to withstand various weather conditions. It is made from durable materials that can withstand rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. This means that you can leave it outside all year round without worrying about it getting damaged.

The Petsafe Outdoor Bark Control is suitable for all dog breeds and sizes. Whether you have a small toy breed or a large working dog, this device can help you control their barking. It is also suitable for multi-dog households, as it

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