KONG Jumbler Ball Doy Toy Large


The KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy Large is the ultimate playtime companion for your furry friend. Designed with durability and entertainment in mind, this toy is perfect for large dogs who love to chew, fetch, and play tug-of-war. Made by the trusted brand KONG, you can trust that this toy is built to last.

One of the standout features of the KONG Jumbler Ball is its unique design. The toy consists of a tennis ball nestled inside a large, durable, and transparent outer ball. This dual-layer design not only adds an extra layer of durability but also creates an unpredictable bounce that will keep your dog engaged and entertained for hours. The transparent outer ball also allows your dog to see and hear the tennis ball, making it even more enticing for play.

Measuring at approximately 7 inches in diameter, the KONG Jumbler Ball is the ideal size for larger dogs. Its large size ensures that it is easy for your dog to grip and carry, making it perfect for games of fetch and tug-of-war. The tough outer material is designed to withstand rough play and chewing, making it a great option for dogs who are heavy chewers. However, it is important to always supervise your dog during playtime to ensure their safety.

The KONG Jumbler Ball is not only durable but also interactive. The tennis ball inside the outer ball adds an extra level of excitement to playtime. Dogs love the unpredictable bounce of the tennis ball, which keeps them on their toes and adds an element of surprise to every game. The ball also makes a squeaking sound when squeezed, which is sure to capture your dog's attention and keep them engaged.

In addition to being a great toy for solo play, the KONG Jumbler Ball is also perfect for interactive play with you or other dogs. The large size and unique design make it easy for you to hold onto one end while your dog tugs on the other, providing a fun and engaging game of tug-of-war. The durable construction ensures that it can withstand the pulling and tugging without breaking or tearing.

Cleaning the KONG Jumbler Ball is a breeze. The outer ball is made of non-toxic, easy-to-clean material that can be wiped down with a damp cloth or rinsed off under running water. The tennis ball inside can also be cleaned easily by wiping it down or rinsing it off. Regular cleaning will help to ensure that the toy remains in good condition and free from

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