Inca Piperazine Poultry Pigeon & Pig Wormer 125ml

The Inca Piperazine Poultry Pigeon & Pig Wormer 125ml is a highly effective and reliable solution for treating worms in poultry, pigeons, and pigs. Designed to provide comprehensive worming treatment, this product is a must-have for any poultry or pig farmer.

Worm infestations are a common problem that can have a detrimental impact on the health and productivity of your flock or herd. These parasites can cause weight loss, reduced egg production, poor growth, and even death if left untreated. The Inca Piperazine Poultry Pigeon & Pig Wormer 125ml is specifically formulated to combat a wide range of worms, ensuring the health and well-being of your animals.

One of the key features of this product is its versatility. It is suitable for use in various species, including chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, pigeons, and pigs. This makes it a convenient and cost-effective solution for farmers who have multiple types of livestock. With just one product, you can effectively treat and protect all your animals from worm infestations.

The Inca Piperazine Poultry Pigeon & Pig Wormer 125ml contains piperazine citrate as its active ingredient. Piperazine is a highly potent anthelmintic that acts by paralyzing and killing the worms, preventing them from causing further damage to your animals. It effectively targets common worm species such as roundworms (Ascaridia spp.), hairworms (Capillaria spp.), and gape worms (Syngamus spp.), among others.

This product comes in a convenient 125ml bottle, which provides enough solution for multiple treatments. The easy-to-use dropper cap allows for precise and accurate dosing, ensuring that your animals receive the correct amount of medication. The small size of the bottle also makes it easy to store and transport, making it ideal for both small-scale and commercial farmers.

To use the Inca Piperazine Poultry Pigeon & Pig Wormer 125ml, simply add the recommended dose to the drinking water or mix it with the feed. The product is designed to be palatable, ensuring that your animals consume it without any issues. It is important to follow the dosage instructions provided to achieve optimal results and to avoid under or overdosing.

This product is safe to use and has no known side effects when used according to the instructions. However, it is always recommended to consult with a veterinarian or an animal health professional before administering

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