Grain-Free Chicken & Turkey Adult Cat Food

Our Grain-Free Chicken & Turkey Food is a high-quality, Australian-made grain-free nutrition for grown-up cats. This diet is a formula with hormone-free chicken and turkey, enriched with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for strong muscles, healthy bones, and energy. Adult Cat Food with no grains, instead of using tapioca and potato as alternative sources of carbohydrates, this highly delicious formula offers a great taste variety for cats at mealtime. 

    The Black Hawk Chicken & Turkey is perfect for all adult cats. The Adult Cat Food category is packed with the great stuff, with 56% meat, vegetables, and pulses, and 44% legumes, fruits, and oils, in a highly delicious formula your cat will love, plus its 100% Australian made. It has 0% grains and glutens. No wheat, corn, barley, rice. High in vitamin B3 and B6 to aid metabolism. An excellent source of zinc and iron for energy and strength

    This Grain-Free Dry Cat Food includes elements necessary to the health and wellbeing of your cat. Made with solid foods including lean meat, beet pulp, eggs, fruits and vegetables, and herbs this food is high in useful vitamins and minerals, keeping your kitty happy and healthy. It is a superior food that provides your pet's health.


    • Weight: 1.2kg
    • Flavor: Chicken
    • Item Type: Cat Food

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