Breeders Choice Litter 30 Litres

Breeders Choice is the only litter that will not end up in landfill. It is made from recycled paper and cardboard collected by FibreCycle, a company originally established to collect and process waste paper for paper mills. 

Breeders Choice Cat Litter Pellets are superior cat litter made from 99% recycled paper with no additives or chemicals. The high quality of the fibres in this recycled material has been refined into a unique pelleted product which is highly absorbent and effective at controlling odour,  proven to be environmentally friendly. They are also lightweight and easy to handle which also contribute in reducing transport emission. 

Comes with easy pour spout, which make them easier to lift, carry and use. Loyal pet owners, breeders and veterinarians agree that other litters are simply “left in the dust!”

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