Black Hawk Lamb Adult Cat Food

Black Hawk Feline Lamb has been uniquely formulated to include key parts for the overall wellness and well-being of your cat. An origin of a story protein, sheep are highly absorbable and have a good spring of iron, Lamb is rich in zinc. That means there's no wheat, corn, soy, gluten, plastic colors or preservatives, or anything else that isn't directly giving to your beloved pet's well-being. The unique protein origins of duck and fish offer quality and a highly palatable formula.

With Black Hawk pet food premium-quality lamb as the main component and source of protein, Black Hawk Feline Lamb stores all the essential elements for the carrying and vitality of your cat. Contains beet pulp for healthful digestion. An ideal for adult cats of all races and sizes. It is prepared in a 3 kg pack

Supplemented with vegetables and fruits for privilege defense naturally help the body fight viruses. Chicken Fat (seasoned with Mixed Tocopherols [cause of Vitamin E] Rosemary Extract. Vitamin C) aid metabolism, and raise vitality. A Adult Dry more important protein diet is ideal for cats prone to dietary feelings, or for those who wish to banish grains from their diet. Chicory root for regional health and nutrient absorption.Can be used as a complete meal or as a consequence with dry food.


  • Brand : Black Hawk
  • Item form : Dry
  • Flavour : Lamb

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