Aristopet Home & Garden Repellent

Aristopet home & garden repellent for Dogs & Cats Spray Deters pets from designated indoor and outdoor areas, such as furniture, plant pots and flower beds. Contains 25g/kg methyl Nonyl Ketone, an oily plant-based repellent used to deter and discourage animals because of its strong odor. It is found naturally in wild tomatoes, strawberries and bananas. Key Benefits: Uses plant-based repellent Made Specifically For: Use indoors or outdoors to repel cats/dogs.

Aristopet Home and Garden Repellent Spray is a deterrent spray designed to help repel dogs and cats away from specific areas indoors and outdoors. This powerful spray gives off a strong odor unpleasant to both dog and cat noses and can be used on surface areas such as indoor and outdoor furniture, flowerbeds, and decking to prevent pets from unwanted behavior including soiling, marking territory, and scratching. Available in 125 ml spray bottle.

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