Advance Puppy Plus Growth Large Breed

The Advance puppy plus large breed includes high-quality Australian chicken and other fresh ingredients for maximum health and flavor. This product also has compounds to help strengthen the immune system and improve overall digestion. controlled calories and calcium/phosphorus ratios help maintain a balanced growth.

Reasonable levels of zinc and linoleic acid improves your dog's skin and fur condition, which leads to a shiny coat. Large dogs are more prone to joint problems. This product contains stabilized green-lipped mussel powder, which is a natural source of essential nutrients like glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, and omega 3 fatty acids that help improve joint health.

The puppies plus growth large breeds have a very different metabolism than smaller breeds, so their dietary needs are different. Our large breed growth formula is specially formulated for larger breeds, containing a number of essential nutrients that can keep your pet healthy, active, and mentally fit. A wholesome puppyhood is essential to a dog's healthy development. Developing advanced puppy large breed Dry Dog Food caters specifically to the needs of growing large breed puppies, as advance knows this better than anyone else.


  • Health Benefits: Growth Support
  • Life Stage: Puppy
  • Flavour: Chicken
  • Breed: Large
  • Nutrition Grade: Superior
  • Product Category: Dry Food

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