Advance Delicate Tuna Adult Cat Food

Advance Adult Cat Delicate Tuna combines the delicious flavor cats love with the health goods that cat owners need. The food is made with quality components, without artificial tastes and preservatives. With delightful chunks in a dying juice, even the pickiest eaters will love this soft and rubber cat food. The sophisticated taste of this mouth-watering food is made to satisfy your Adult cat's elegant palate. Made with purposeful ingredients for a flavorful, nutritious meal.High-quality protein for building lean muscles.

Easing your cat grow stronger and healthier with every meal. It Chicken and Liver Medley Cat Food is a bonus Australia-made wet food formulated specifically for the wellbeing of your cat. It is suitable for grown-up cats from 12 months of age, the delicious meal is made using the highest quality Australian broiler and contains no added artificial colors or preservatives. Advance Cat Chicken Liver Medley gives a balanced and complete source of nutrition for your cat.

Serve this epicure daily nutrition as a balanced bag by itself or try it on top of Science Diet senior dry food. Advance Cat Adult Chicken and Salmon cover all your adult cat’s needs from her immune system to her coat and skin, oral and urinary tract health, and even the odor of her wasted love.


  • Brand : Advance
  • Flavour : Chicken
  • Product Category: Dry Food
  • Life Stage : Adult
  • Product Category : Wet Food

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