Adult Ocean Fish In Jelly Wet Cat Food Pouches 12 x 85g

Create a fun and interactive environment for your cat! A Tasty Complete Balanced Diet for your Cat's Health and Wellbeing. ADVANCE Adult Wet Cat Food Delivers optimal Nutrition for Cat's By Combining Global Science with Local Expertise Select Natural Ingredients.

Helps Provide Cats with Healthy Eyesight. Complete and Balanced Nutrition. Easy to Eat and Digest Ideal to be Given Cats as Treat. This ADVANCE products Whiskas Gravy is Designed to Take Care of cats. Daily Nutritional Requirements and Provide it with all the Required Vitamins and Minerals. Along with moisture and nourishment for healthy and happy life making it an ideal Gift.

ADVANCE products are uniquely formulated for Cat's. Made from High Quality Ingredients Using Good Manufacturing Port. ADVANCE Cat Meals are Nutritionally Complete and Balanced with Great Taste Cats love. Wet cat food recipe provides moisture and nourishment.


  • Shiny Coat & Healthy Skin.
  • Optimal Water Turnover.
  • Complete & Balanced.
  • Great Taste & Variety.

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