Black Hawk Adult Cat Duck and Fish Food

Introducing Black Hawk Grain Free for Cats Black Hawk Feline Grain Free Fish Cat Food has been especially formulated to include key constituents for the overall health and well-being of your cat. That means there's no wheat, corn, soy, gluten, plastic colors or preservatives, or anything else that isn't directly adding to your beloved pet's well-being. Made with solid foods including lean meat, seafood, beet pulp, eggs, fruits and vegetables, and herbs this food is high in useful vitamins and minerals, holding your kitty happy and healthy.

Salmon and whitefish are rich in protein and vital fatty acids. With no grains, using tapioca and sweet potato as alternative origins of carbohydrate, this highly delicious formula offers great flavor variety to keeps cats amused at mealtime. Duck and fish Contain highly edible proteins and essential fatty acids. High in zinc, iron, and B vitamins for overall vitality and health.

Gentle and careful preparation ensures the vital nutrients are held and the original flavor is preserved. There are also veggies, fruit, and oils, all rich in vitamins and minerals vital to your cat’s health. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids for salutary skin and coat, we use oats and rice which are good sources of potential and easy to digest.



  • Brand: Black Hawk
  • Item form : Dry
  • Age range : Age range
  • Flavour: Duck and Fish 


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