Adaptil Stress Relief Spray 48ml

ADAPTIL Stress Relief Spray is the number one vet-approved and selling solution to help calm and relax your dog at home. The effective and drug-free solution to support dogs during stressful situations such as visitors, staying home alone, and loud noises like thunder or fireworks. ADAPTIL helps your dog feel relaxed and comfortable by mimicking a mother’s natural nursing pheromones.

ADAPTIL heated diffuser covers up to 700 square feet for the best results position the diffuser where your dog spends most of their time, and avoid plugging the diffuser in under shelves and behind doors, curtains, or furniture. The starter kit includes 1 diffuser head and 1 vial to maximize effectiveness, restore the vial once a month, and the diffuser every 6 months.

The ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser Kit provides “comforting messages” (dog appeasing pheromones that mimic a mother's nursing pheromones) that help dogs feel calm and relaxed in situations like loud sounds (thunderstorms and fireworks), being home alone, traveling or other fearful situations. These unscented messages are only perceived by dogs and provide a strong signal of security and comfort.


  • Help calm and relax your dog at home

  • effective and drug-free solution

  • It covers up to 700 square feet for the best results

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