Adaptil Junior Dog Collar 37.5cm

Adaptil Junior Dog Collar is that the 1 Vet suggested resolution to assist dogs to comply with difficult things and curb stress-related unwanted behaviors. This calming collar is activated by body heat to emit a scentless secretion that mimics a mother's nursing secretion and provides a robust signal of comfort and security to dogs. Clinically proved, it'll stop issues like barking, damaging chew, trembling, the concern of loud noises, separation anxiety, and plenty of different "not-so-fun" symptoms your dog might show at the hours of darkness once three days, and helps dogs to regulate a lot of quickly to their new homes.

This Dog belt will increase learning and socialization for dogs, helps dogs learn quicker throughout coaching sessions. It reduces separation anxiety, clinically proved at intervals four weeks to assist cut back or eliminate damaging behaviors in ninety-one % of dogs stressed once left alone, and proved to assist cut back concern of loud noises. it's simple to use merely placed on your Adaptil Calming Collar, and you're sensible to travel. Your dog's body heat can activate the calming pheromones, which can facilitate your dog to remain calm all day long, despite things.

The collar ought to stay on your dog in the slightest degree times except once shampooed or pomaded. Use a replacement collar each month if required. The collar is body heat-activated. Follow package insert directions to confirm the applicable fitting of the collar. The collar should match snugly around the dog's neck. don't expose to chlorinated pools or shampoos this may deactivate the collar.


  • Color: Baby Blue
  • Item Weight: 25g
  • Size: 37.5cm

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