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What are the Best Dog Toys for the Year 2021

What are the Best Dog Toys for the Year 2021

Being a responsible pet owner, we expect you to know how hard it can be to find an ideal toy for your dog. Pet toys are essential for the physical and mental well-being of pets and the development of a conducive relationship between a dog and its owner. There's no universal game that pets love to enjoy. 

Different pet types love to engage in various activities, depending on whether a pet loves to play with chew toys, interactive toys, or the toys that promote mental stimulation. No matter what kind of pet toy your dog likes, make sure the one you're buying is durable enough to resist wear and tear. Without confusing you anymore with a wide variety of pet toys available in the market, we have compiled a list of the most sought-out dog toys for the year 2021 that your bongo would love to own.

7. Tug Toy

Owning a tug toy can prove very beneficial for your dog's health, besides keeping him happy. One of the best ways to engage in enjoyable play with your canine companions is to play tug of war with them. It's a perfect workout for both the dog and the trainer, and it keeps your dog mentally stimulated.

According to recent research, the more games a dog participates in, the less likely he is to have behavioral issues. Dogs that tug with their owners are more energetic, playful, and responsive. 

6. Wishbone Chew Toy

Nowadays, chew toys for dogs can be made out of anything, whether it's rubber, wool, or plastic. You'll also come across bone-like chew toys that excite dogs to engage in chewing activities. 

Dog chew toys are very effective in alleviating your bongo's stress and anxiety. They're also helpful in promoting the dental hygiene of your dog. 

Besides keeping them busy, chew toys help teething puppies and provide them with much-needed mental stimulation.  

5. Behavioural Aid Toy

Puppies and dogs are pack animals that are naturally attracted to their mother and other members of their pack. With tactile warmth and a real-feel pulse, behavioral aid toys for dogs recreate that comfort. As a result, your pet will be calmer and more peaceful, with less isolation, uncertainty, and separation anxiety.

The benefits offered by behavioral aid toys include:

  • Reduces anxiety-related unpleasant behaviors like whining and barking by instinct rather than medicine,
  • Assists puppies in adjusting to their new surroundings and sleeping through the night.
  • Assists puppies in adapting to their new home and sleeping through the night.

4. Tennis Ball Dog Toy

The tennis balls available as dog toys are much different from the regular ones. They're relatively safer for dogs to play with because of their extra-thick rubber core and non-abrasive materials. If your dog is a chaser, you can expect him to chase a tennis ball throughout the day. Your dog may also love to play fetch with you.

It would help if you refrained from using regular tennis balls as dog toys. They're not sturdy enough to resist a dog's chewing and biting and thus can prove hazardous to your pet. 

3. Dog Puzzle Treats Toy

A dog puzzle treats toy is an all-in-one dog toy that's up for tossing, chewing, fetching, and rolling. The specialty of such a toy is that you can load it with pet treats like biscuits, peanut butter, etc., thus proving to be more interactive, stimulative, and engaging for dogs.  

2. Indestructible Ring Chew Toy

A ring chew toy is just another chew toy, but with some variations. When there is fluff everywhere, missing bits, or torn paper, you know your dog has ruined a toy. So, switching to an indestructible rubber ring would be a good idea to prevent it from happening again. These rubber rings will ensure that your dog has a good day of chewing without causing damage to either himself or the toy.

1. Plush Dog Toy

Soft stuffed dog toys are called plush dog toys. Your pet can choose to use it either as a cuddle buddy or wrestle with it! If your dog finds a plush toy as his companion, make sure to buy him the one that he can carry around with him. If your dog has an aggressive personality and uses his plush toy to wrestle with it, make sure that you get him a durable and non-hazardous one. 


For the year 2021, your pets are all set! With so many dog toys to choose from, there's nothing that can stop being the best pet owner of 2021. We want to mention here that pet toys are your best shot at making your bongo learn new tricks and commands. If there's something that your pet is unable to comprehend or refusing to obey, try improvising your teaching methods by introducing a pet toy.